Tri Colour Federation Womens Size Guide

Tri Colour Federation Womens Size Guide

We pride ourselves in understanding a modern jean cut. Combining our experience with the most up to date fabric technology, we craft a perfectly fitting jean for you.

Selecting your size is a personal choice, and by using our guide takes the mystery away from choosing the right size for you.

Remember we are always just a phone call or a tap away if you need any assistance.

Have you got a tape measure?
If not, simply use your favourite jean as a guide.

a) All measurements are relaxed, so a good rule of thumb is to look at what short size you wear.
b) Waist: Measure 3 to 4 centimetres below the true waist.
c) Inside leg length: Refer to our model which will give you a guide.

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Size True Waist 7/8 Inside Leg
24-25 53-58cm 67cm
26-27 58-63cm 68cm
28-29 63-71cm 69cm
30-31 71-76cm 70cm