At Sequela, sustainability is our thing. Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the consumer industry and create better outcomes for our earth. We have teamed up with loads of amazing brands who share our passion for environmental change.
Shopping with Sequela supports a sustainable future.  

What Makes A More Sustainable Product?

A more sustainable product is one that:
  • Requires less land space (so less forest destruction) 
  • Requires fewer resources (i.e. water, energy)
  • Has fewer downstream ripple effects that affect the environment elsewhere (such as herbicides and pesticides) 
  • Travels a shorter distance (smaller carbon footprint) 
  • Quality (has a long life span, does not need be replaced or thrown away often)
  • Slow fashion (the movement of creating and purchasing products for quality and longevity, designs to last through the seasonal design swings therefore encouraging lower carbon footprints)
  • Doesn’t hang around forever (biodegradable) 
  • Gives back (tries to offset their impact by giving back to the environment such as planting trees or oceans clean ups)
       So How Will Shopping at Sequela Make A Difference? 
       At Sequela we:
  • Prioritise small Australian business
  • Prioritise local to reduce travel footprint
  • Source quality products from environment focused brands that use sustainable products and processes
  • Have ongoing environmental projects 
  • Ensure all shipping is either carbon neutral, biodegradable or compostable
  • Give back, 10% of profits are donated to our partners at OneTreePlanted
       The Sequela Big Picture:
  • More trees
  • Fewer emissions
  • Reduction of toxic herbicides and pesticides
  • Less waste
  • Smaller impact
  • Supporting local economy