LovEarth Care Instructions

Caring Instructions



Your LovEarth Yoga Mat is made from all natural materials and will biodegrade back into the earth it came from (when you are finished using it!). To make sure you maximise the life of your LovEarth Yoga Mat, show your mat some love and affection. We suggest that you keep your LovEarth Yoga Mat away from direct sunlight.  Nothing degrades natural rubber quicker than the sun! It is also a good idea to rinse and dry your feet to minimise any dirt or grime on your LovEarth Yoga Mat.



Love your LovEarth Yoga Mat by keeping it clean. Considering purchasing our WyldMyrtle spray to detoxify, cleanse and refresh after each use. Or you can sponge down your LovEarth Yoga Mat regularly. Be extra kind to the earth and sponge it with Eucalyptus Wool Wash or if easier, you can wipe it down with 50% water/50% Apple Cider Vinegar or 50% Ti-Tree. Then hang it in the shade and let it dry thoroughly.



When you are ready for a new LovEarth Yoga Mat, don't throw your old LovEarth Yoga Mat away! You can donate your LovEarth Yoga Mat by dropping it off at a drop off location or mailing it back to us and we will up-cycle your mat with one of our partners. 


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Worm Food

Your LovEarth Yoga Mat is made from natural products so if it ever gets old you can cut it up and add it to your compost.

If you don't have a compost, we can compost it for you.

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