Sequela Store FAQ's

Who is Sequela Store?
Sequela is an online retailer, passionate about the environment and supporting small Australian business' with the same mindset. Sequela Store searches Australia for amazing brands offering more sustainable solutions to items we already purchase.
 Do you offer buy now pay later services?
Yes, we offer afterpay. So you can enjoy your eco-friendly products now and pay later. For more on how afterpay works view image below.
Is shipping really free?
Yes, apart from Who Gives A Crap (recycled toilet paper brand), all of our brands offer free standard shipping Australia wide, so you can shop multiple brands and not have to worry about a whopping shipping bill. Additionally, many brands offer discounts when you purchase multiple products, part of our buy bulk initiative.
Why have I only received part of my order?
At Sequela Store, we are proud to work with many small Australian business' doing their part for our environment. These many brands have teamed up to be here to save on unnecessary shipping. Rather than getting shipped around Australia to various warehouses, each product is shipped directly to you from each source store. As a result, if you have purchased multiple products from different brands, each will be sent separately and arrive at different times.
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