Working With Nature, Not Against It

Like most 20 something year old’s, we have become very aware of climate change and the doom and gloom that comes with it. Before Sequela became live, we spent a lot of our lockdown time watching Netflix – just like everyone else. Along with getting absolutely hooked on ‘Tiger King’, we also started binging our way through the nature doco’s. Now we were already big fans of Sir David Attenborough at this point; so you can only imagine our ‘fangirl-ing’ moment when we found out that Sir David brought out another doco for us to geek out over.


If you have already seen ‘A Life On Our Planet’ then you are very aware of the emotional rollercoaster that Sir David takes you on. If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, we highly recommend it.

Attenborough explains that our natural world is fading due to ‘human error and bad planning’ and shows us that the percentage of forests in our world have had a significant decline in his lifetime (66% in the 1930s to 35% in 2020). He further explains that a lot of this is due to increased farming, over-consumption, increased carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

One of the big messages that was spelled out to us was that being eco-friendly means being sustainable; and being sustainable means bringing balance back to our natural spaces and improving our biodiversity. Or, consume in moderation, recycle what already exists and work with nature not against it.


So how could we – a young couple from Melbourne – really change our impact and become more sustainable? We already use our large collection of reusable shopping bags, eat less meat and grow what we can.
But what about all the other things we buy in everyday life? Like that pesky toothbrush that is plastic on top of plastic??

 This is where Sequela comes into the picture.


We had realised that a lot of what is currently available to us is mass produced, unsustainably made, covered in plastic or is eco-friendly but hard to find; and we wanted to put a positive spin on Sir Attenborough’s words of ‘our intelligence changed the way we evolved’.


This realisation got us on the hunt; like a lion stalking a gazelle in the Savanna; but two Melbournians searching the web for earth friendly small businesses that sell sustainably made products – who share the same vision as us, to leave a better impact on our home.
With our hunt, we not only found like-minded people who share our passion for sustainability, but we have found a new way to learn about what is important to us, our home and our future.


This just goes to show, Netflix binging can bring you a night on the couch watching crazy cat people – or it can bring you an idea that inspires a hunt to do and be better – or both.  

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