Why Shopping With Our Brands On Sequela Makes A Difference - Part 1

At Sequela, we truly believe that our amazing, small Australian brands can make a positive change on our environment. A few simple swaps in our daily habits can make a massive difference for our long-term ecology. Yes, more people need to get on board, but it all starts with you. Here are a few simple environmental issues with some reasons why we believe our brands, can make a valuable eco-friendly difference.

Bottled Water

  • Every year on Cleanup Australia Day, plastic bottles are in the top 10 most common products of items cleaned up (1).
  • Every year in Australia 375 million plastic bottles end up in waste (1)
  • Globally, we are now consuming more than one million plastic bottles every minute, of which only 9% gets recycled (2)

As well as the massive waste issue that plastic bottles represent, bottled water is expensive. Bottled water actually costs you more per litre than fuel (1). Moon Bottles offers a simple eco-friendly solution, offering reusable insulated stainless steel bottles which can keep water cold for 24 hours, or coffee hot for 12. With a lifetime guarantee, it is literally the very last bottle you will ever have to buy, you will never have to contribute to plastic bottle waste again.

Plastic Toothbrushes

Our everyday habit of cleaning our teeth is probably so monotonous that we don't even give it a second thought, but every time we throw out a toothbrush unthinkingly, we send it to landfill where it will remain long after we're dead. How many toothbrushes do you think are out there in landfill from your life so far?

  • If every Australian only used one toothbrush each year (personally I probably go through about 6) then collectively we would contribute to about 350 tonnes of landfill waste each year (3)

Eco Smiles has the solution, bamboo toothbrushes which biodegrade naturally ( meaning you will outlive the toothbrush not the other way around) with recyclable bristles.

Toilet Paper

  • It takes about 384 trees to make enough toilet paper for one person over their entire lifetime (4)
  • That means that currently, just to keep up with Australia's do-do needs, would take 8,832,000,000 trees. 

Granted these facts are spread over our lifetime, but that would mean that our current population would need to cut down over one-third of all trees currently in Australia to satisfy our wiping needs (5). You can see how this is unsustainable right? Luckily, we know someone who gives a crap. Who gives a crap is an Australian toilet paper brand using recycled or bamboo toilet paper ( so no new trees cut), they are also 100% plastic-free (the amount of single-use plastic we use when buying our toilet paper is a whole other story), additionally they also donate 50% of profits to charity.

We hope you can see how we all have the power to make an impact, our brands on Sequela are doing amazing things to ensure our future. Stay tuned to this section for part 2. 

To checkout any of the above-listed brands click on the links below.

Moon Bottles

Eco Smiles

Who Gives A Crap



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