Why Sequela Loves Minq’s Plastic Free Cleaning Products With Eco-Friendly Ingredients.

At Sequela we are firm believers that you shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle to help the planet. With just a few simple swaps, you can really make a world of difference. One of the easiest (and most cost effective) swaps you can make is switching out supermarket cleaning products for a more sustainable option. Here at Sequela, Minq is our absolute go-to. 



Minq - Sustainable Cleaning Products

Minq offers THE ultimate eco-friendly cleaning options, tackling sustainability from every angle. Minq products are plastic free and so easy to use. Their eco-friendly cleaning tablets simply dissolve in water -  for use in either a spray bottle, or a soap pump bottle. Admittedly, you will need at least one plastic spray bottle, but we think reusing one of your current spray bottles after a good clean out, or purchasing a glass bottle are both far better options to the alternative - a vicious repeat cycle of purchasing and dumping single use plastics. Just this one little swap will put a serious dent in your single use plastic consumption. Being so small and lightweight Minq also saves on travel emissions. The tablets take up such a small amount of space, which means more products can be packed and transported using less fuel - another big win for the environment! Not only this, but Minq’s eco-friendly ingredients are also a big win for our health (see our blog for more shocking information on what scientists now know about how the chemicals found in the everyday products we use are affecting our health). If sustainability and good health aren’t enough reason for you, here is one last thought we are sure will grab your attention.. 


Minq products are cheaper!


One of the biggest arguments people use when trying to explain why sustainability is a slow adoption for society is that it doesn’t yet make financial sense to live sustainably. Well, now things are changing! With amazing product’s like Minq you get more bang for your buck. 

  • One 99.9% antibacterial multipurpose cleaner tablet makes 500ml of multipurpose cleaning spray, and costs $2. It’s supermarket counterpart, Ajax spray n wipe divine blends cleaner, makes only 475ml and costs $3.00. 
  • Minq’s Glass cleaning tablet also costs $2 and makes 500ml, while its supermarket counterpart Windex costs $4.30 for the same volume. 
  • Minq’s 99.9% antibacterial hand wash foam tablet costs $2 and makes 300ml, whereas well loved Palmolive foam hand soap costs $3.50 for only 250ml.


If you went through just 2 bottles of each a year, simply swapping to Minq would save you $9.60, and you would have received more product. This may seem small in the scheme of things, but I know I would rather that in my pocket than someone else’s.


It All Adds Up


Our small simple swaps have so much power to benefit the planet, because each and every one adds up over time to make a big impact. By continuing to clean exactly how you do now, but having made this one simple swap, over the next 20 years you would throw away 120 fewer plastic bottles, save an extra $192.00, and gain an extra 3.0L in cleaning products. Amongst all of this you have minimised the exposure of harsh chemicals to yourself and your family because you have swapped to healthier eco-friendly ingredients.


Click HERE to check out some of Minq’s amazing products




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