The Link Between Ethical Fashion Choices & Your Spiritual Wellbeing.

Recently Sequela partnered with ANGELUVE; a sustainable and conscious fashion brand that is inspired by spirituality. For the Sequela team, this partnership has felt like a natural step into strengthening our brand’s purpose.

 If you’re new here, Sequela works to provide sustainable and earth friendly options in one location. We do the research, so you don’t have to.

So let us tell you a little more about our friends at ANGELUVE and why we love what they do!

ANGELUVE are committed to creating products that respect the environment, animals, and people along the supply chain. Their clothing range is made from 100% sustainable materials and they only work with suppliers that have set ethical standards. On top of this, they give back to charities such as Thread Together, Greenfleet Australia, and Make-a-wish foundation to help communities in need.

How amazing is that! We love our friends at ANGELUVE for all of the above reasons but also for what they are inspired by, spirituality and empowerment; and this can be seen in every piece they create. 

The Sequela team not only agree with the mission statement and ethos of this brand but have been further inspired by it; and we are super excited to see where our partnership will lead. 

To read more about the link between fashion and your spiritual wellbeing, please see the blog below from our friends at ANGELUVE.


The Link Between Fashion and Your Spiritual Wellbeing

Clothes are not just fabric; they have great depth and meaning and can significantly affect how we think and feel. This concept has actually been studied in psychological research and is known as “enclothed cognition.” Fashion is not just beautiful; it is also a form of self-expression that connects us with our inner spirituality and is direct non-verbal communication between us and the world.


The Mind-Body-Soul Connection

In modern times, people often view their bodies as separate from their true selves. But the body is the vehicle for the soul; without it, you cannot exist in this world. What you do with your body can delve through the layers of your inner being and directly affect your consciousness. That is why it is important to select clothing that represents you and shop from brands that follow conscious and sustainable fashion practices.

Fashion is an expression of yourself, and it is a physical way to manifest the energy or vibe that you spread around you. The clothes you wear are not just to keep you warm; they are an extension of your true identity and represent the values you uphold.


Clothing for the Soul

When you get dressed, you are not just putting clothes on your body; you are putting clothes to represent your soul as well. The next time you put on a sweater, try to feel the energy it is bringing into your being and what it represents in the world around you.

At ANGELUVE, spirituality, love, and consciousness are at the core of our work. Every piece of creation is energised with vibrations of love and light. Thus, when you wear our clothing, you can genuinely feel it.


To shop our ANGELUVE range and feel further empowered to live your authentic life, click here.







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