Sustainable Stockings for Spring!

It's finally spring. With longer, sunnier and warmer days on the way it’s time to pull the skirts and dresses out of the wardrobe. While it may not be warm enough just yet to leave the legs bare, we have the perfect eco-friendly accompaniment for your summer wardrobe until we reach those hot Australian months - sustainable hosiery!

Each year, nearly 2 billion pairs of stockings are produced, the majority made from nylon - an environmentally damaging type of plastic derived from crude oil. Not only is the creation of standard stockings bad for the environment in their creation, but they generally also have a short lifecycle. Stockings are super susceptible to puncture and damage, inevitably laddering follows which sees them obsolete.

Thankfully there are some eco-friendly options out there. Swedish Stockings have created an amazing range of sustainable hosiery that we absolutely love. They achieve this sustainability mark by addressing 5 points in the production:

1. Produce with sustainable materials
2. Develop sustainable production methods
3. Secure quality
4. Pack and ship sustainably
5. Manage waste through recycling

Swedish Stockings are made from Nilit, Econyl and Q-Nova regenerated materials. All of these quirky named fabrics are made from recycled or regenerated yarn. Saving energy, water, and post and pre-consumer waste. These processes also use more environmentally friendly methods, which only adds to their sustainable boast. Each pair of Swedish Stockings pantyhose, tights, and socks contain between 67% and 97% recycled components.

So if your spring outfit is in need of a little hosiery love, check out the amazing Swedish Stocking range - you won’t be disappointed !

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