Why Boomerangz Are Sequela's Favourite Plugger

Thongs, Flip Flops, Pluggers - whatever you call them, they are undeniably an Australian icon, a true representation of a hot summer’s day on a pristine sandy beach. Most of us probably have some childhood memory of sprinting back from the ocean, burning your feet on the sand only to put on your thongs that you had left in the sun too long to continue burning your feet, true Australian memories. I don’t know about you, but I have a little bit of bogan in me, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “ ahh I’ve busted me plugger” (bogan lingo referring to the dreaded “blow out”) I’d probably be rich. But our beloved Australian Icon has a dark side. With every plugger blown, another pair of thongs was thrown out, and that was the end of its iconic life. A few short years ( if you were lucky) of good times and the thongs life was over - but not its existence. It’s plastic makeup would be taken to waste plants, or left broken on the beach to last for eternity, polluting and toxifying our environment.


But times have changed, now we can live our best iconic life sustainably, with the amazing 100% Australian owned company, Boomerangz. They have come up with an ingenious solution to extend the healthy lifespan of our beloved flip flops, and reduce their impact on our environment. Now we can enjoy our pristine beaches again and maintain them, without blotting them with unnecessary flip flop corpses.


How is this possible? You might ask. Firstly, they have tackled the dreaded “blow out”. Boomerangz have designed a strap that is designed to pull through, rather than snap when enough force is applied. Now a condition that used to have a fatal prognosis for the flip flop, just means a few seconds of resuscitative treatment (simply put the straps back in) and your flip flop will be reborn, good as new again. Boomerangz are so confident in their strap, that they offer a lifetime warranty, if you suffer from a blow out, you’ll get a replacement free. Gone are the days where summer meant new flip flops, one pair of Boomerangz thongs can last a lifetime of summers.


Secondly, Boomerangz has designed a biodegradable thong base, so that when your beloved thong finally reaches the end of its long lived life, it can biodegrade into the soil naturally to complete its life cycle and thus reducing its environmental footprint (get it? ;) ). When disposed in biologically active landfill, using organic additives that help speed up the breakdown process, your flip flop will be completely gone in a year, with only good memories being left behind.


Boomerangz also offer a number of other eco-friendly initiatives and cool perks that you are not used to getting with your Australian icon. Eco-friendly mailers, a recycling program for the rare broken straps, certified vegan, animal cruelty free and a podiatrist recommended supportive arch is all a part of the Boomerangz complete package.


For more info please watch the video link below. Please caution, the first 20 seconds of this video are very graphic and not recommended for those of you who are squeamish or are potent flip flop lovers and are against flip flop abuse.



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